I illustrated my first children's book in 1981 following a request from  Blackie and Son Ltd.
At the time I had designed a series of greeting cards for Camden Graphics Ltd and they had caught the eye the editor.

The first four books were board books for babies. When they were first published they had no words but had some text added at reprint:-

Field Animals  1981 Blackie 0216909805
Farm Animals  1981 Blackie 0216909831
Zoo Animals    1981 Blackie 021690983X
Pets                1981 Blackie 0216909821

The next two books I illustrated were gift books for adults and children:-

A Book of Days 1984   Blackie 0216916186
An Illustrated Address Book 1987 Blackie 0216922968

My next project was to write and illustrate my own picture books.
They were both well received and had editions in hardback and paperback (PB)

Where’s My Share? 1989 Blackie 021692748X
Where’s My Share? (PB) 1991 Picture Lions 0006638546

White Is The Moon 1990 Blackie 0216930103
White Is The Moon (PB) 1992 Picture Lions 0006638872

I was commissioned by Collins to design a series of new illustrations to accompany those of Margaret Tempest in this gift book for children:-

Little Grey Rabbit’s Country Book 1990 Collins 000194293X

Back with Blackie again, I worked on a new board book for babies:-

Animals at Home 1992 Blackie 0216932068

The next two illustrated gift books were commissioned by World Int.

A Year of Prayers 1992 Egmont/World Int. 0749808454
Our Baby’s Album 1994 Egmont/World Int. 0749817143

Blackie Books Ltd then changed ownership and became part of the Penguin group
although they still used the Blackie name.
They decided to publish an anthology of nature poetry using my illustrations:-


Nature Alphabet of Verse 1994 Blackie 0216941326

I wrote and illustrated this book which is about the life cycle of an oak tree:-

The Acorn’s Story 1994 Blackie  0216940753
The Acorn’s Story (PB) 1996 Puffin  0140556346

I had fun illustrating this miniature pop-up book commissioned by Intervisual.

Gardens and Peaceful Places 1995 Andrews and McMeel - 0836200470

I was one of the artists who illustrated this little gift book for dog lovers:-

Little Book of Dogs 1996 Kingfisher 1856974960

I designed a series of decorative borders for these two Victorian style picture albums

Family Album 1998 Intervisual Books Inc. 1888443700
Christmas Memories 1998 Intervisual Books Inc. 1888443804

I designed and illustrated a new board book for babies, this time for Happy Cat Books.
Following reversion of rights Animals at Home was reprinted at the same time.

Baby Animals 1999 Happy Cat Books 1899248080
Animals at Home 1999 Happy Cat Books 189924803X

I originally wrote and illustrated the next title for Blackie which was never published,
happily Happy Cat picked it up:-

Down the Lane 2001 Happy Cat Books 1903285186
Down the Lane (PB) 2001 Happy Cat Books 1903285178

They also published this after the rights reverted:-

The Acorn’s Story 2003 Happy Cat Books 190328547X
The Acorn’s Story (PB) 2003 Happy Cat Books 1903285488

Following many requests for this now out of print title, I co-founded Acornmoon Books and published:-

White is the Moon (PB) 2014 Acornmoon Books 9780992747305

 In 2013 I was commissioned by Susan Hill to provide new illustrations for this book following reversion of rights:-

Can it be True?  2014  Long Barn Books ISBN 9781902421582

In 2015 I illustrated The Dream Quilt by Adele Geras

The Dream Quilt, Long Barn Books ISBN 9781902421605